Deepak Raja & Associates was formed in 2009 (Registration No. (UEN): 53140199E) by Deepak Raja. The firm was formed after realising that the norm of legal practice in Singapore needed an overhaul in light of changing times, both in terms of internal management and client relationship.

The firm recognises the modern demands and needs of clients, be it a corporate body, an individual or otherwise, and to this end has adopted certain core principles with regard to its relationship with clients.

For corporate clients, the firm recognises that today, the mere provision of legal advice is insufficient; there is a need for the firm to be a trusted business partner as well. To effect this the firm has taken certain initiatives.

How we work with our clients

It is imperative that service is of utmost quality. It is an area that the firm will never compromise. Some of the principles the firm has adopted are:

  • Expeditious Work - all work is done expeditiously
  • Regular Communication - to keep you informed and explained regularly
  • Careful Listening - to deliver to your satisfaction
  • Quick Response - to ensure you are not kept waiting
  • Predictable Costs - nothing is charged if not agreed in advance
  • Continuous Improvement - all feedback regarding our service is given serious consideration

For a discussion of how the firm could meet your needs, please contact Deepak at

We hope your experience with us is positive. If you have any general queries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.